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5 Easy Steps to Setting Up a Backyard Aquaponics

5 Easy Steps to Setting Up a Backyard Aquaponics

Setting up a media filled backyard aquaponics system is quite easy. Five short moves will help you setup the fascinating aquaculture unit! Aquaponics blends hydroponics with aquaculture. It is a great way of preserving nutrient-rich water. According to researchers, aquaponics imitates the natural waterway used to cultivate crops and grow fishes!

Aquaponics technology can be categorized into three different techniques, namely the raft system, media filled bed system and nutrient film technique. Most backyard aquaponics enthusiasts prefer media filled bedding systems.

This is because the carefully designed structure channels fish wastes and nutrients through the aquaculture system efficiently. In this brief write up, you will read about the 5 easy steps to getting your backyard aquaponics system set up in no time!

Important components!

To build a backyard aquaponics system, you will need a 50-gallon barrel, long PVC pipes, various pipeline fittings, air stones, differently sized boards, nails and polyethylene vapour barriers. For gardening purposes, you should have a handful of soil from meadows, forests and good gardens!

5 Steps to Setup a Backyard Aquaponics System

Step #1 – Cleaning the Barrel

First of all, you should rinse the barrel carefully. Wear gloves and long pants while rinsing the barrel. Since the barrel may contain unhealthy toxins and sharp edges. Now, you should leach the barrel with water. Let the water stand in the barrel overnight.

After 24 hours, you should drain the barrel and wash it with warm water. Warm water would drain all toxins and make the barrel healthy!

Step #2 – The Cuts and Curves!

Once the barrel is prepared, you should cut a lid from it! Remember to leave a flap in its sides for the airlift pump. You can cut the lid in several different ways. Once again, wash the barrel with warm water, a sponge and soap. The washed barrel must be refilled with water and be allowed to leach for another day!

Step #3 – Making in Hydroponic Trough

Moving on, you should make the hydroponic trough. The trough should be wide and long. Based on the size and dimensions of the barrel, you must plan the hydroponic trough. Also, an irrigation bar has to be designed and cut from the barrel. The bar must be straight and strong. It should not have any leaks or unexpected holes!

Next, the bio-filter pipe should be built. Be very careful and make sure the irrigation bar doesn’t bump onto the bio-filter pipe. The two structures must be spaced sensibly.

Step #4 – Making a Base

The hydroponic trough with the bio-filter and irrigation bar should be supported on concrete blocks. The trough should be higher than the edge of the barrel. Experienced aquaponics builders state that the barrel must be at least 36 inches and the trough should be 38 inches above ground level.

Step #5 – Filling the System

Moving on, you should line the troughs, with plenty of slack in the corners. The central trough will make sure that water flows back into the tank during a pipe blockage or overflow! Finally, the fishes and plants must be added into the backyard aquaponics system.

Generally, fishes should be added two days after the plants. This is because the micro organisms require plenty of time to stabilize.

Types of Backyard Aquaponics Systems

There are different types of backyard aquaponics systems, for potential plant and fish lovers! In the next few lines, you will get a comprehensive insight through few well known backyard aquaponics systems that can be built in an effortless and swift manner.

System #1 – Garden Scraps!

Do you know that you can convert garden scraps into an enticing aquaponics system? When you embrace onto the right amounts of space and pick an ideal collection of fishes/vegetables, you will have the wit to transform junk into a lucrative income. Crucial materials during this transition will include pipes, barrels and pumps.

System #2 – The Bath Tub!

Secondly, you can set up a metropolitan styled bathtub in your backyard! This is an enticing kind of aquaponics system that will look pretty and light. According to experts, this is one of the finest and most beautiful backyard aquaponics systems anyone can create.

To make this splendid system, you should get hold of an old bathtub and an efficient drainage system. The bathtub will serve as a growing bed, while the drainage unit will ascertain on the flow of water.

System #3 – Shelfponics

The list of backyard aquaponic systems will remain incomplete without “Shelfponics”. This is a perfect structure for small backyards with limited space. As suggested by its name, you can have several levels of plants and fishes through shelfponics. However, make sure the structure is strong and efficiently built for the chosen plant (fish) varieties.

System #4 – IKEA Systems

IKEA backyard aquaponics systems have become extremely famous in the past few years. Nevertheless, do you know that this structure can be built using plastic containers, baskets and connected Antonius frames? Experts treat this as a pocket friendly aquaponics system, which reaps splendid yields at all times of the year.

System #5 – The Barrels

An interesting backyard aquaponics system involves two barrels! Does this sound crazy and enticing? Well, novice aquaponics owners find this as a sophisticated way of growing plants and fishes in their backyard!

Practically, the system doesn’t require any investment at all. Two big barrels (without any holes) and few hours of work will get the system ready in no time.

System #6 – Vertical Aquaponics

The concept used in establishing a horizontal backyard aquaponics system can be used to build vertical ones too! However, remember that the drainage system should be carefully connected in this structure.

Many deem this as a new and amazing style of building aquaponics systems. And, there are many DIY tutorials to support you with this structure.

As time passes, you can improve these backyard aquaponics systems. There are plenty of strategies and techniques, by which you can enhance your custom made aquaculture unit! Always bear in mind that sky is the limit, when it comes to backyard aquaponics. You can put in your ideas and build a system that fits in your ambience.

According to experts, aquaponics is an interesting field of work that must be thought-out and analyzed carefully.

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