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Aquaponics for Profit – Pros and Cons Starting Own Aquaponics Business

Aquaponics for Profit – Pros and Cons Starting Own Aquaponics Business

Have you been thinking of launching your very own aquaponics for profit business for quite some-time now? Well a bit of advice for you enthusiasts – do not settle for ideas that aquaponics for profit is a get-rich-quick-scheme and that this line of biz is a mere cakewalk.

Before answering why not, it is valuable to understand what aquaponics is all about, right? So, read on:

Aquaponics refer to the cultivation of both fish and plants in a secure and controlled environment. Can you call this system a blend of aquaculture and hydroponics? Certainly yes! Wondering why aquaculture?

Well, aquaponics include the idea of rearing various breeds of fish intensively inside closed and monitored enclosures like fish tanks. Mechanical and biological filtration processes are carried through to spruce up the density of breeds.

Now, the big question – how does aquaponics rope in the techniques of hydroponics? The water in fish tanks are passed to the growing plants. This optimizes the growth rate of plants by leaps and bounds since the tank waters are actually nutrient rich due to the accumulating fish wastes.

In this way, the plants naturally clean the water and set it free from any form of toxic contamination. The water is again recycled and freshly introduced to the dense fish tanks.

What is the Produce Type in an Aquaponics System?

Other than fish which are well-reared in closed tanks, plenty of veggies and herbs are also farmed in an aquaponics system. Some common items include lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and other plant produces.

Unlike usual vegetables that are grown using fertilizers and chemicals, these items are absolutely organic. Hence, people choose to do aquaponics for profit as the markets are quite demanding for fresh organic produces.

Steps to Launch a Successful Aquaponics for Profit Business:

Does aquaponics farming seem like a hard nut to crack? Well, you have certainly not done your studies right.

To hit the easy-streets in any line of biz, it is imperative that you gather maximum information about the trade type. Talk to aquaponic farmers, do research-works, drop-by the state departments of agriculture and fishing to know whether there are legal procedures to follow.

Chalk out a proper plan for your aquaponics business. Analyze the estimated start-up costs and of course the possible sales in future. Get down to the brass tacks and understand the market before you start your very own venture.

Select a location for your aquaponics business. Make sure that the temperature of the place is neither too frosty, nor too warm.

Get hands on all the necessary items you will need to carry on with your venture. Some of these items are fish tanks (of-course to raise breeds of fish), grow beds (platform for the plants and veggies to sprout), pumps to pump the water in and out of the tanks, a growing medium for plants, fish livestock and plants.

Possible Pros and Cons of Starting an Aquaponics for Profit Business:

Every venture is associated with pros and cons. Similarly, aquaponics for profit is not always ideal. To start with, aquaponics is a very demanding system. Wondering why? Well, think about it. Firstly, the system cannot be operated from apartments or patios because the minimum size of these systems are quite large; usually 250 gallons each for both fish and plants.

This leaves us with 500 gallons, literally counting upto 2 tons of water which is impossible to be arranged when hanging hats in a scanty apartment. Not to forget, both plants and fish require an ideal temperature to survive.

If you however belong to a northern zone where only frozen water is up for grabs, it is totally back-breaking to set-up and manage an aquaponics business. In order to proceed under such restraints, you need to ensure the best of temperature control, climate control and light control.

Lastly, aquaponics involve a great deal of investment. From growing beds, technically advanced hydroponics and aquaculture systems to licenses and registration charges, the costs can rocket-up if not planned well.

Pros and cons of aquaponics should both be learned. High contents of nutrients and oxygen in the water fosters the growth of plants and veggies. Aquaponics do not promote the use of chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.

As a result, you only yield organic produces that are high in demand and can make you wealthy in a very short span of time. Having a proper designed system can save you from the hard work of maintaining it.
Aquaponics system is bound to be a big hit if you’ve made your picks well.

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