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Aquaponics Pump Flow Rate

Aquaponics Pump Flow Rate

It’s very important to understand and learn as much as you can about the aquaponics pump flow rate. The pump is regarded to be the system’s heart. It tends to move water surrounding the system and is considered to be responsible towards water aeration. A submersible pump having low voltage of about 12v is recommended for allowing link-up with car battery as back-up.

About Aquaponics Pump Flow Rate

In the 1,000L IBC container system, pump is said to be located within the fish tank, which means that it is a very simple system where water gets pumped from tank into growbed overhead, after which water gets drained into the tank back.

The minimum aquaponics pump flow rate is about 1,000 liter/hour. As a thumb rule, there is a need to have each liter to be circulated every hour. But pump flow rate is likely to reduce especially with increasing pump distance that requires to move water vertically, which means, higher the pump requires to pump water, lesser water will be pumped because of gravity.

It is for this reason there is a genuine need for buying stronger aquaponics pump. In regards to the IBC container system, using a 2,000 or 1,500 liter/ hour pump will be worth the effort. There are present many sites by which the aquaponics pump flow rate can be checked online.

Which Pump Types Are Present and What Are The Best Ones Available?

Several basic pump types are present. There are present ordinary pumps which are out of water and have hose connected to them with water. Also are present submersible pumps which sit in water and directly pump from there. Submersible ones are recommended by experts, since they are in contact with water always and hence do not get overheat at any point of time.

Different Pump Types

Centrifuge pumps: There are of various configurations and types and used for different applications. It is utilized for majority of the pump types and quite affordable. But, it could get blocked and clogged and burn out motors.

Magnetic pumps: These are centrifuge pump types, however, come with added advantage. The motor basically turns on a magnet, which in turn, starts another magnet present on the pump’s propeller. It is considered to be good as magnets are present on different sides and come with waterproof seal. It means that in case, the propeller is blocked, it is sure that the engine is safe and is not damaged or burnt.

Air lift pumps: They are air pumps and not water pumps. These are utilized in aquaponics and aquariums for adding oxygen to water to help plants and fish to survive. The oxygen is dissolved in water and hence is termed as dissolved oxygen or simply ‘DO’ in short.

Air pumps effectively keep up the DO levels, since they are said to plummet in extremely hot climates. If the IBC container system has been functioning properly, then air pump is not required. But it can be used for pumping water!

Although it might sound to be strange, there are many, who have been using it for a long time. This is because of its using less electricity and pump plenty of fish solid waste and that too in whole pieces to grow bed. Also, water is oxygenated while pumping.

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