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Best Fish for Aquaponics System for Beginners

Image credit: wt-photography

Image credit: wt-photography

Choosing the best fish for aquaponics system, is the most important thing to consider in aquaculture. Before you begin setting up your system, you need to know which type of fish you’re going to use! When individuals are building or installing an aquaponics system, the first question that comes to their mind is what type of fish should I purchase for my aquaponics system.

It’s an interesting question to ponder before deciding. Knowing where to start can be a hardship for many. So in this article, I will go over the wide range of best fish for that you should choose for your aquaponics system.

11 Best Fish for Aquaponics Beginners To Choose From

If you’re brand new to aquaculture, you’ll need to pick which fish to choose before you do anything else. These fish will vary, and some will be better than others. So read along, and find out which fish might be right for you.

Trout – These fishes are recommended for eating purpose. For these fishes to grow, your system should have a cool temperature that can be between 10 degree C and 20 degree C. The growth rate of Trout is very fast and they have excellent ratios for food conversion. In a few ways, trout is related closely to salmon.

These are carnivorous which means they feed on soft bodied fishes and invertebrates like bloodworms, molluscs, flies, and so on. As their environments change, they have dramatic differentiation in patterns and coloration that act as camouflage as they are moving to different habitat. Often trout are raised in fish farms and are vital sources of food for humans and animals.

Carp – Carp can also be eaten. It has a good ability to reproduce as well as it can adapt to various environments easily. These are different species of fresh oily water fish. For aquaculture and recreational activities, these fishes are highly popular.

Different species of Carp are raised for food in Western European countries. These are much desirable table fishes just like salmon and trout. Some varieties of carp that you can have for your aquaponics system include grass carp, bighead carp, crucian carp, and mud carp. These feed on molluscs, plants, algae, insects, and various other aquatic invertebrates that have soft bodies.

Koi – This fish isn’t recommended for eating. It has long life span as well as ability to survive as aquaponics system fish. Against common parasites, koi has great resistance. This was actually developed in Japan from common carp as part of same family.

In scalation, patterns, and coloration, they vary greatly as a result they are used more as ornamental fish. Koi is omnivorous kind of fish, hence they have a varied diet like algae, watermelon, lettuce, peas, and many other fishes.

In small ponds and winter months, they require proper off-gassing and oxygenation. These can be consumed but they have large scales that must be removed. As compared to carp, these are generally more expensive.

Tilapia – These fishes are recommended for consumption. Breeding them is simple and they grow quickly as well as can withstand extremely poor conditions of water.

Generally they require warm water. Their habitats include lakes, shallow streams, rivers, and ponds. Tilapia fishes have the ability to feed on plant-based food or algae as a result of which they are vital in aquaculture.

Goldfish – Not recommended for eating. These are carp family’s small member. Goldfishes are much common as aquarium fish. When in wild, they consume insects, crustaceans, and different plant matter. When they eat more, they have a tendency to produce more waste hence they are good for aquaponics system. Due to their lack of protein, susceptibility to parasites, and small size, they are not recommended for eating.

Catfish – The list of fishes that can be grown in an aquaponics system would remain incomplete without catfishes. The fish is recommended for eating and can be grown in any condition. Catfishes are filled with vitamin D and few other minerals.

When compared against many other fish varieties, you can grow catfishes quickly and effortlessly. Some catfishes tend to enjoy high rates of food conversion.

Thus, you will have access to catfishes all around the year. Catfishes are commercially significant; since they can be fished or farmed in diverse climates. And, catfishes feed on insects, small fishes and plants.

Largemouth Bass – Just like catfishes, you can eat largemouth basses. It is quite interesting to note that largemouth basses follow a unique kind of diet. And, small basses that grow in low temperature water tend to be tastier than the bigger ones. This can be attributed to its special diet.

In selective aquaponics systems, largemouth bass feeds on snakes, water birds, small shrimps, bait fishes and snails. As you make the diet of a largemouth bass diverse, it will taste better.

Barramundi – This is another medium sized fish that can be grown in aquaponics systems. Barramundi is a fish for people who live in warm climates. However, if your region enjoys not-so-hot summers and not-so-cold winters, barramundi is your cup of tea! When grown and maintained properly, barramundi will be delight on your taste buds. Meanwhile, remember to buy clean stocks of the fish for a better harvest.

Good varieties of the fish will give you a reliable yield at all times of the year. This makes barramundi a very good choice for aquaponics systems.

Jade Perch – By default, jade perch is a famous fish from Australia! The fish has a high percentage of omega 3 oils. A recent study stated that jade perch has the highest concentration of omega 3 oils, when compared against many other fish species in the world.

If you are not a fan of oil, you should not cultivate jade perch in your aquaponics system. This is a simple advice devoured by experienced aquaponics system owners. On the other hand, you can grow this fish with very little money and in a short period of time.

Silver Perch – Another interesting fish from Australia would be the silver perch. The fish grows perfectly in different conditions. Generally, the silver perch will require from 12 to 18 months to reach its maximum size. However, silver perch is not for everyone! It is an omnivorous fish that lives on algae and small fishes. Though you can eat the fish, it might not prove to be healthy.

Murray Cod – Last but certainly not least, you can cultivate the Australian Murray Cod. This is a common fish that comes in different sizes. The aquaponics fish is renowned for its unique taste and high availability.

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