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Build Your Aquaponics Fish Tank

This is an excellent video on an aquaponics system that was built for just $75 dollars. For those that are trying to save money should definitely check it out.

Video Transcript

you hi I’m drew Hopkins and I’m John Parr we are veerudu soccer ponics we have a vision put an aquaponics greenhouse in every school in the United States the way that we’ve been dealing with food on a global scale neat needs a change with this greenhouse and this volume we can feed everybody with a tiny footprint we’re here in the middle of this great big commercial greenhouse and we’d like to take all the components that surround us and bring it into a small greenhouse that can fit in a schoolyard you’ll see there’s occurrence in the water and it’s circular the aquaponics greenhouse project provides a perfect learning platform for teachers and students they can study anything from agriculture biology science chemistry and because ancient civilizations use this method to grow in thousands of years ago they can study history also so you guys what do you think of aquaponics it’s healthier we use water impact environmental healthier foods yeah less chemicals in my food yeah the fact that one of these systems could exist in an urban environment was a huge draw to me and interest in aquaponics they say it takes a village to feed a family and that’s certainly been the case here my wife and our three kids and Drew and his family have been instrumental in getting this thing done John had a great deal of knowledge he’s a guru of aquaponics and matt has made amazing technological advances our plan was to start with 5,000 square feet per month and just expand into it but then for months we’ve completed this 90,000 square feet 2 acres that’s so I think that’s what let’s put on our hair back the most is how much this can produce and how fast what can we do to change agriculture to make our planet better and right now there’s so many people that are passionate about green Living recycling composting and eating better and more healthy that it’s the perfect time to introduce aquaponics aquaponics is the combination of two industries aquaculture and hydroponics it all starts right here for the tank of fish this fish was planted nine months ago at an inch-long and that beautiful sturgeon the sturgeon provide the nutrition by eating the fish food which then is passed through a number of filters finally it falls into this ladder see this is a bladder bag of water it’s just a big bag of mud and as the water flows through here it’s available to these plants which wick the water up and grow like crazy it comes across here under the ground into the stream of water and it comes up here like a spring where everything that a plant needs is bioavailable in this teeth of water flows back and forth through these streams until it’s deficient of nutrition again and then it’s circulated from here right back up to where it gets bubbles and falls like a waterfall and oxygenates the fish again so the entire system is closed and healthy because clean water goes in and fertilizer water comes out this is aquaponics I would say the three things over conventional farming that aquaponics provides is one sustainability aquaponics must cherish the ecosystem so we’re really conscious of that we don’t put anything on these plants that we couldn’t eat to the yield per square foot out in the field they get three heads of lettuce per year here we do four per month three the water conservation we’re using five percent of the water of all the farms around us to produce more food there you go to bite into that thing so this area of the table represents five thousand seats which are planted every day we plant five thousand seeds a day and we harvest five thousand plants a day in each acre with this greenhouse and the capacity to grow food at this scale is an amazing gift to put in the hands of children teachers and communities okay here we are same system really being used and here is a review let me see if I can catch some fish there as you can see we got tilapia look at that catfish some goldfish goldfish are great because they help prevent mosquitoes then here’s that second when I was telling them look at the plants styrofoam ah you can buy that at Walmart ah but you’d buy containers to hold up I use a big container of ice anyway you want to there you are but we’re looking at a system there it is again as you can see it goes down here and right there putting air into it see it’s nice and flow and what I did here is I did something a little different because those straight pipes the water was going all the way in here I didn’t want that so I just put again I spent 25 cents oh no 35 cents for these and look at that it just goes straight there this is where it was I just made it just in case the second one in case it was too powerful because there is a pump again a $15 pump as you can see it’s just doing it to the filters on the outside instead of inside and as you notice personally I’m using the food grade tubing right here because I want people to see what’s doing as as we teach them as you see it goes straight there right there all the way down into the system let me back up and it’s on a pallet just like there those are something I found you can find anything you want to hold it up can be a table it can be anything and there we are is an aquaponic system that you can build and I’m going to say realistically I say 70 $75 thank you very much this is chaplain Ian Perry wishing you very much luck as my son is saying goodbye if you have any questions feel free to email me at ki4 ngz that’s a numeral number for ki for ng z at yahoo.com and may God bless you and your family

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