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How to Build a Small Indoor Aquaponics System

Image credit: charlie vinz

Image credit: charlie vinz

You will get a comprehensive insight into various factors and principles that must be considered while building a small indoor aquaponics system. In this article, there are eight simple steps to follow along. Buying a pre made aquaculture system will cost you several tens of thousands of dollars. To save a hell a lot of cash, homeowners tend to build their very own indoor aquaponics systems. It is quite interesting to note that traditional aquaculture systems can be replicated easily. So let’s have a crack at it, shall we?

8 Steps to To Build A Small Indoor Aquaponics System

Read thoroughly these eight simple steps to help get your aquaponics systems set up correctly. Things like the right climate, the right space, and the correct aquaponics supplies are all required to build your own system.

The Right Climate

Climate plays an integral role in indoor aquaponics systems. The climate should favor your crops all year round. And, during cold winter seasons, you must be able to relocate the aquaponics system effortlessly. If you are not able to relocate the system, you must be prepared to shut it down. This is because the growth of plants and fishes are governed by external factors like the climate, temperature and pH.

Plenty of Space

Secondly, you should have sufficient amounts of space for the indoor aquaponics system. If you own a high-risen building, you should make use of artificial lighting, window sill lighting or both. On the other hand, if you own a backyard, you should choose a place with adequate amounts of sunlight. In a spacious aquaponics system, you can control and do plenty of changes in an effortless manner.

Three Different Types of Charges

Based on the indoor aquaponics system you build: the capital cost, the running cost and maintenance charges will differ. For instance, electricity and fish food can increase or decrease the overall cost of your small aquaculture unit.

Four Important Components to Build A Small Indoor Aquaponics System

Small or big, all indoor aquaponics systema comprise of certain basic parts. Here is an insight through these crucial parts:

• Tank – You can make use of conventional fish tanks that are big enough to hold at least 30cm fishes. Conversely, you can use stock tanks and large barrels too.

• Flood table – This will act as a platform for growing plants. If you want a huge bed of plants, you should decide on a bigger flood table. Moreover, huge flood tables will let you spread enough nutrients.

• Support – The flood table and tank should be placed on a strong foundation. Experienced gardeners tend to make use of concrete blocks and pre-made frames. If you are a budget conscious aquaponics gardener, you could opt for second hand bargains.

• Watering Unit – All aquaponics systems require a reliable and efficient supply of water. Thus, you should decide on water pumps with magnetic drives and motors. Likewise, handpick a good air pumping system that will maintain the amount of oxygen in your tank.

From Where Do you Buy?

These are important components that can be obtained easily from conventional hardware stores. If you want cheap, second hand indoor aquaponics system components you should search through sites like eBay, Craigslist and Gumtree.

The Next Step

The information discussed in the previous lines will help you build a functional indoor aquaponics system. To learn more on how to assemble and maintain an indoor aquaculture unit, you should adhere to few other DIY strategies.

In the next few lines, you will learn how to build an indoor aquaponics system using IKEA components. These are systems that will look good and add more color to your living room / bedroom.

DIY Indoor Aquaponics System

To build the small indoor aquaponics system, you should purchase an Antonius main frame from the brand IKEA. The frame will comprise of two wire baskets. You can opt for the 50 litre or 25 litre container from IKEA. If you are unable to come in touch with the IKEA frame, you should browse through ecommerce sites like freecycle.com.

Secondly, you should establish the system’s plumbing unit. The very first pipeline unit to be installed would be the stand pipe. This is a simple aquaponics component that can be installed and managed in an effortless manner.

To begin with, the indoor aquaponics system should have an electric submersible pump in one-corner of the tank. To have better control over the system, you must use a bypass ball valve. The special valve supports additional aeration. Likewise, you should install threaded adapters in the grow bed. The male and female adapters should be fit neatly in the wired mesh.

Next, you should fix a media guard and bell siphon in the small indoor aquaponics system. Bell siphon is a special gear used to prevent flooding in the aquaponics system. The plumbing unit has the ability to drain and absorb excess moisture from the grow bed quickly. It is quite interesting to note that the bell siphon and media guard doesn’t comprise of mechanical parts. This can be attributed to the holes cut in the bell siphon. Water drains swiftly from these holes.

Nevertheless, remember that the bell siphon should be handled carefully. There are no electrical or moving parts in the bell siphon. This makes the bell siphon mechanics very complicated.

Important Gears

Few other important equipments in the small indoor aquaponics system, would include the following:

• Fish tank – It is quite evident that any aquaponics system needs a fish tank. If you don’t have access to a conventional fish tank, you must make use of a stock tank or large barrel.

• Flood table – The flood table plays a very important role in the small indoor aquaponics system. The flood table will make sure your fishes have sufficient amounts of nutrients and minerals for growth.

• Support – The support will act as a strong foundation. Generally, the support is made of lumber and concrete blocks. To make an original support, you should invest several thousand dollars. Nevertheless, you can buy second hand supports from online sites and garage sales.

• Air pump – Just like the water pump, the aquaponics systems requires a water pump. The air pump will maintain the flow of oxygen in your tank. Nonetheless, make sure lots of oxygen doesn’t circulate in the system.

You can build a small indoor aquaponics system in few days. All that the process needs would be some effort and money!

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