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Solar Powered Water Pump Aquaponics

Image credit: Jesse Gerard

Image credit: Jesse Gerard

Aquaponics is regarded to be a proven method to produce sustainable diet that is rich in protein. There are different types and configurations of tankage available in the market and all are known to need water aeration and recirculation. Pumps tend to circulate the fish tank water to aerate, solids separation and filtration, including final purification by veggies. In case, the function of pump aeration fails even for few minutes, fishes could die immediately. It is for this reason that a highly sustainable backup system of aeration is needed. Solar powered water pump is regarded to be the best and can help in the process.

Why Go for A Solar Powered Water Pump for Aquaponics?

Solar powered water pump aquaponics are said to be reliable, sustainable and requires low cost of maintenance, is efficient and needs low energy for any aeration system. Selecting the best aquaponics water pump can help the fishes to stay healthy and to grow. The air diffusers in the solar powered water pump are to be placed in fish tanks, while solar panels are to be pointed at the sun. There are several types and makes of solar power water pump which is available readily in the market and has been designed to function 24/7, even on several cloudy days and in a row.

Solar Powered Water Pump Aquaponics Arrangements

Film type or the traditional fixed bed type aquaponics designs are said to make use of a separate tank that is filled with numerous growth support media such as perlite, rock wool or/and gravel for veggies. This veggie tank often is positioned above or floated in the fish tank. Fish tank water in different tank systems get pumped to veggie tank for the purpose of aeration / cleaning. It then drains or simply gets pumped back to fish tank. If the pumps function properly, everything is said to be fine, however, if pumps stop functioning, then fish could die in minutes due to lack of aeration. It is for this reason that a good and high quality sustainable aeration system fish tank is required in all aquaponic design. This is where aquaponics water pump of good quality can assist.

Finding A Good One

Browsing through the different sites and blogs can help the individual to know more about solar powered water pumps and how it can assist in helping the fish to survive and live healthy. Although, the initial investment is a bit high, they are undoubtedly very much useful and cost effective in the long run, since it uses energy of the sun and hence, one can save on energy bills.

The solar powered water pump aquaponics are designed to offer the much required sustainable aeration for all types of aquaponic designs. Being cost effective, it has been increasing in popularity and demand across the globe and people who are interested in doing business in fish farming can enjoy using it for fish farming and to get profits. Taking the help of professionals can help the individual to be educated in this subject and to benefit from it immensely.

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