Best LED Hydroponic Grow Lights That Work Fast for Plants

Are you searching for LED hydroponic grow lights? Do you want the town’s best LED hydroponic grow lights, which will make your plants grow at a faster rate? In this modern era, plants are grown hydroponically all year round. Nowadays, hydroponic technology comes with LED grow lights that can increase the system’s overall performance.

Conversely, when you choose LED Hydroponic grow lights you should focus on certain factors. Here is a quick review through nine such parameters that must be taken into consideration during the search.

Benefit #1 – LED Hydroponic Grow Lights that are Dimmable

First of all, you must check if your hydroponic plants require low or bright light conditions. Certain LED lighting systems are dimmable. Thus, you can adjust the height and output of the light effortlessly.

Moreover, there are special lights designed for vegetables and flowering plants. According to experts, flowering plants require lights in the red-spectrum, while vegetables grow well in the blue-light spectrum.

Benefit #2 – A Good Growth Spectrum

“Growth Spectrum” is a very important parameter that should be taken into consideration while choosing hydroponic grow lights. The lighting system must support optimal growth and activate the plant’s defensive strategies. Do you know that LED hydroponic grow lights can affect the plant’s metabolism, development and growth rate? In some cases, UV rays can trigger the production of THC in plants.

Benefit #3 – A Perfect Coverage Area

Moving on, the grow lights must promise a good coverage area. The coverage area should be chosen based on the grow bed’s size. On an average, small LED grow lights can cover 4 sq.ft. On the other hand, a huge LED hydroponic light can cover up-to 25 sq.ft.

Benefit #4 – Idealistic Chip Wattage

Always bear in mind that LED lights work within a predestined chip wattage. The wattage would vary from one place to another. Statistically, 1 watt chips are designed to give very little amounts of heat. Nevertheless, they are much more stable than the high-wattage ones.

When you choose LED hydroponic grow lights, you must verify if the actual output matches with the photosynthetic radiation required by the plants. Anything lesser than what is required will be futile; while anything more than the required wattage will be risky.

Benefit #5 – A Working Cooling System

Do you know that good hydroponic grow lights come with inbuilt cooling systems? These LED circuits have the ability to spread heat evenly and efficiently. Conversely, these units must be mounted carefully on copper heat sinks or thick aluminum platforms. Hydroponics grow lights use only 15% to 25% of energy when compared against conventional heating elements.

Benefit #6 – A Beautiful Outlook

Hydroponic grow lights are built on good housing units like aluminum. This makes the grow lights a good conductor of heat and can eradicate excess heat efficiently. Meanwhile, remember to hunt for lights that are termed as constant current drivers. These units will not experience a drop in voltage when the internal units get hot.

Benefit #7 – Long Warranties and Good Return Policies

Last but certainly not least, good hydroponics grow lights have a long warranty and spotless return policy. Some companies offer 3-year warranty plans; while few others have 5-year warranty schemes.

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