The best indoor grow tent kits

Outdoor gardening is good, but there are so many factors you cannot control. You have to deal with pests, herbs, and weather uncertainty. If you are tired of battling pests and harsh weather, you can move to indoor gardening. With indoor gardening, you can control many factors and grow your plants to full capacity.

  1. VIVOSUN 2-in-1 – Best Cheap Grow Tent
  2. iPower – Best Complete Grow Tent Kit
  3. MARS – Best Small Grow Tent kit
  4. VIVOSUN Hydroponic – Best 4×4 Grow Tent
  5. BloomGrow – Best Indoor Grow Tent

While a hydroponic system is great, you first need a grow tent to contain your indoor garden. Once you contain the garden, it is easy for you to control other factors such as light, ventilation, grow media, nutrients, and the garden system among others. But what makes the best grow tent?

Best grow tent

With so many options on the market, it can be challenging to pick one. In this article, we explore the top grow tents on the market and how to pick the right one.

Top Rated Complete Grow Tent Kit – Reviews

The best 2-in-1 Grow Tent

Best Cheap Grow Tent

VIVOSUN 2-in-1 Mylar Reflective Grow Tent – Review

This grow tent measures 36 x 24 x 53 inches. It is a two-tier tent designed to hold plants on both the bottom and top tiers. Instead of large tents that provide space only at the bottom, this tent features a compact design but still allows you to grow several plants at home. Instead of buying a different tent for the propagation of your plants, you use the same tent to propagate and grow your plants.


Because the plant has two chambers, you have plants in different growth cycles. This ensures that you have a continuous supply of vegetables at home. The tent features an extra thick canvas that is sturdy to last long. VIVOSUN uses high-quality 600D canvas, which doesn’t tear. Further, the double stitching on the fabric makes it completely lightproof. Each tent features sturdy metal poles with quality finishing for smooth installation.

Other Features

This tent keeps all light locked in, thanks to the 98 percent reflective mylar lining. The lining ensures that most of the light from the tent reflects back into the tent for fast plant growth. There are three-floor trays, a divider, and a shelf, all of which are waterproof to keep your tent protected. Further, there are multiple vents to circulate air in the tent. VIVISUN uses SBS zippers that do not stick. You can use the zippers when you need to open the view window, or you need access inside the tent. Inside the tent, there is a small tool organizer for your accessories.


If you need a compact to grow tent for the propagation, vegetation, and flowering of your plants, this VIVOSUN tent will meet your needs. We recommend it for gardeners who have limited space.

2-in-1 Grow Tent


  • Allows propagation, vegetation, and flowering of plants.
  • Lightweight and easy to move.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Ideal for small spaces.
  • Heavy duty zippers.


  • There is no pole for hanging items.

The Best Complete Grow Tent Kit

Best Complete Grow Tent Kit

iPower Grow Tent Complete Kit – Review

The iPower Grow Tent comes as a complete kit to help you grow your plants without buying any other accessories or any other item. It is a compact unit measuring 24 x 24 x 48 inches, making it ideal for small spaces. Each tent features a lightproof construction with a mylar reflective lining to ensure that all the light stays in the tent.


The iPower tent has an easy-view window with transparent plastic with a mylar cover. When you need to see your plants, you remove the mylar cover and view. Inside, the tent has a tool organizer that holds all your accessories. Further, the unit has sturdy metal frames that are easy to assemble and which can handle up to 110 pounds. At the bottom, the unit has a removable tray that is water-resistant. This tray features security straps that secure it to the frame.

Full Spectrum Light

Each kit comes with iPower 600W LED grow light. The light offers a high-efficiency LED with less light decay, high intensity, and better lumen compared to standard LED lights. This light consumes 90 watts and can support the vegetation and blooming of the plants. The LED grow light simulates natural sunlight and produces white, blue, and red lights to support a plant in all growth cycles. iPower designed the light to be in an aluminum hood design.

Other Features and Accessories

The kit comes with an advanced four-inch fan ventilation system that ensures there is sufficient air circulation in the tent. Further, you also get a five-gallon grow bag, a timer, elastic trellis netting, and LED room glasses to get you started.


If you need a complete grow tent kit, this is an ideal set. It has everything you need to support plants through vegetation and flowering through harvest.


  • Comes as a complete kit.
  • Advanced ventilation system.
  • Has a powerful, yet efficient LED lighting.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • Some parts might be missing.
  • It only accommodates a few plants.

The Best Small Grow Tent Setup

Best Small Grow Tent kit

MARS HYDRO Small Grow Tent Kit – Review

The MARS HYDRO Grow Tent Kit is another complete kit tent designed for small spaces. It measures 24 x 24 x 55 inches, which means it will only occupy a small space in your home. The tent is also lightweight, so you can move it from one part of the house to the next with great ease.

Each kit comes with a grow tent, a duct fan fitted with a speed controller, a four-inch carbon filter, a flex duct, timer, thermometer, four grow bags, adjust rope hangers, and duct clamps.


The MARS HYDRO Grow Tent Kit supports plants throughout their growth cycles from propagation to harvest. At the top hangs a TS 600W LED grow light fitted with an aluminum reflective hood. Further, the grow tent has a reflective mylar lining that reflects all the light back into the tent. The light is efficient and consumes only 100 watts with 225 LEDs for the highest lumen. It provides you with a 2x2ft vegetation footprint and a 1.5×1.5ft blooming footprint.


The MARS HYDRO features a 1680D canvas, unlike most other standard tents with 600D canvas. This makes the canvas heavy and tearproof. Further, the canvas has double stitching and strong zippers to ensure that light doesn’t escape. The sturdy all-metal frame ensures that the tent is stable and secure. It can support up to 88 pounds. Besides the sturdy construction, the unit has a quiet and energy-efficient ventilation kit. This kit has an airflow of about 200 CFM and a noise level of only 28 dB. Its four-inch inline fan can adjust up to three-speed settings. The fan keeps off-odors and stale air off the tent.


If you need to buy a grow tent as a complete kit at a competitive price, this kit will be ideal for you. We also recommend it for gardeners with small grow spaces.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Highly durable 1680 Denier canvas.
  • Well ventilated.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Small growing space not ideal for intermediate and pro growers.

The Best 4×4 Grow Tent

Best 4x4 Grow Tent

VIVOSUN large 4×4 tent – Review

If you need a large 4×4 tent, this one might be a great choice. It measures 48 x 48 x 80 inches, making it ideal for gardeners with enough growing space. VIVOSUN created the tent to be lightproof, waterproof, easy to assemble, and durable. It is not a complete kit but comes with everything you need to connect other accessories you need. The package has a tent body, filter straps, a floor tray, a hanging bar, metal poles, and connectors.


This VIVOSUN tent features a mylar reflective lining that keeps all the light in. It doesn’t require flaps and tapes as the unit is completely sealed to keep light in. The unit has strong zippers to give you easy access without the zippers jamming. Further, the tent comes with thick and sturdy frames and an Oxford fabric that is tear-proof. The material is non-toxic and safe for your plants. There is an access door and an observation window, both of which unzip to for easy access. You only need to peek through the window and zip back up to ensure light doesn’t leave the tent for long.

Quality Assurance

You do not need any tools to assemble this tent. It works best for professional and beginner growers. The manufacturer guarantees that the tent is durable and easy to use. It has some accessories and convenience features such as dual-layer ventilation, floor tray, tool organizer, and double stitching for strength.


If you need a 4×4 tent for your indoor garden, we recommend this kit. It is affordable to leave you enough money for the other accessories you need to keep the garden functional.


  • Designed to keep all light in.
  • Extra thick and sturdy for durability.
  • Has an easy observation window and access door.
  • Allows fast installation.


  • The view window material gets hazy and may not show inside the tent clearly.

The Best Indoor Grow Tent setup

Best Indoor Grow Tent

BloomGrow Grow Tent setup – Review

The BloomGrow Grow Tent comes as a complete kit. It has several accessories to help you carry out your indoor gardening the right way. This kit has the right features and accessories to make it ideal for beginners and professionals alike. It measures 32 x 32 x 63 inches, which makes it large enough for more than a few plants.


BloomGrow design the tent with a 96 percent highly reflective mylar lining. This ensures that all the light goes to facilitating plant growth. The 600Denier material comes with strong zippers that make it easy for you to access inside the tent. Further, BloomGrow uses double stitching to ensure there are no leaks and your tent is completely lightproof. The tent also features a ventilation kit with a four-inch inline fan filter. As the filter ensures there is clean air circulation, the LED light provides a full spectrum to support plants throughout all growth cycles. The tent supports plants from germination, vegetation, and flowering through harvesting.

Other Accessories and Features

Each kit comes with accessories such as a rope hanger, hygro-thermometer, Bonsai shears, a timer, and trellis netting. You will also have a simple-to-follow user guide on how to assemble the unit.


We recommend this kit for all gardeners who need a complete indoor grow tent kit. It has the features and accessories to support your plant from germination through harvesting. For the features and accessories the kit offers, we can say the price is competitive.


  • High-quality construction.
  • Has an advanced ventilation kit.
  • Easy to assemble with a simple to use manual.
  • Several accessories provided.


  • The light is relatively less energy-efficient.

Grow Tent – Buyer’s Guide

What is a Grow Tent and Why Do You Need One?

Grow tents are simple structures with a canvas covering metal frames. Inside, the fabric has a reflective material that reflects the light from your grow lamp to ensure as much light as possible goes to the plants. These units are completely lightproof, so light does not leave the structure.

When you have a grow tent at home, you will have complete control of the growing environment. You can hang LED lighting, water the plants, protect them from pests, and maintain the needed temperature in the tent. Because the grow lights produce full-spectrum light, the grow tent supports plants from germination through harvesting. Because the unit is a complete enclosure, it keeps off pests and infestations.

Other benefits of having a grow tent include:

  • The unit is highly efficient
  • Your plants will grow faster, and you will spend less time taking care of them
  • They need small spaces
  • They support plants in all growth cycles

Factors To Consider When Buying a Grow Tent


How much space do you have to accommodate the grow tent? The size of the tent needs to be slightly smaller than the space available. Start by measuring the length, height, and width of your space and see what size of a tent will fit there.

You also need to consider your gardening goals and the size of plants that you plan to have. Some of the questions you need to answer before buying a tent include:

  • How many plants do you plan to grow?
  • What are the sizes of the plants you will grow?
  • Do you plan on having continuous harvesting?

If you plan to have continuous harvests, you will need a tent for propagation, another for vegetation, and another for flowering and harvesting. You can also have a two- or three-tier tent for different growth cycles instead of buying several tents.

Most gardeners prefer small auto-flowering plants that you can harvest often. Others choose large plants where only a few plants fit in the tent. For instance, a 4×4 tent can fit up to six large plants. If you go for smaller plants, you can grow more of them.

Some tents have chambers to accommodate plants in different growth cycles. You can choose these instead of tiered tents, depending on how much size you have to accommodate the tent.

Thickness and Strength of the Reflective Canvas

A tent canvas needs to be thick and strong. Strong canvases will be more durable, and you can move them without tears and scuffs. The thickness of a canvas is dependent on its thread count. This varies from a meager 210 denier all the way to a 1680 denier. The strongest fabrics are 1680 denier. Denier, in this case, refers to the linear mass density of the fibers in the canvas.

The reflective material inside the tent also varies, but the idea is to have the material reflect light back into the tent. There are both standard duty (600D) and heavy-duty grow tents (1680D).

Frames and Weight Limit

Most tents feature a metal frame construction. The frames are steel tubes that you snap together to make the tent erect. There are other materials for the connection pieces and the corners. The weight limit of the tent differs from one tent to the next with some holding more than others.

If you plan to support more than the frame can handle, you may need additional support such as additional bars that spread out the tent’s weight. You can also install some items outside the tent. For instance, you can mount the carbon filter outside the tent.

Ventilation System

Grow tents come with openings through which your electrical cords and ducting will pass. The ports are of different sizes. The ideal tent features dual-clinching cords that ensure that light doesn’t pass through. This is one way to light-proof the tent.

Besides the ports, some tents feature windows and mesh vents that allow sufficient air circulation inside the tent. You need to check the placement and sealing of the ports to ensure that the tent completely blocks light in.

Mesh vents are great during the vegging growth stage when light can leak and the plants still grow well. During the flowering stage, you need a tent with a u-bend ducting acting as the intake vent.

Extra Features and Accessories

Tents may also have extra features and accessories to facilitate the growth of plants. Some of the extra features and accessories you may need to consider include:

Flood Tray:

This tray holds any water that spills from the grow media. If the system fails and water or nutrient solution spills, you are sure your home will be safe. The tray goes at the bottom of the tent and attaches to the poles.

View Window:

Viewing windows secure with Velcro to the tent canvas. These windows allow you to peek through the tent without necessarily opening the door. The window also comes in handy when you are using CO2 as an additive. With the window, you ensure that the CO2 doesn’t escape.

Tool Pocket:

Are you tired of misplacing your pair of scissors? This feature might seem insignificant, but it will save you a lot of time by having all your tools in the same place. The pocket can hold your meters, clippers, and other accessories.

Net Trellis:

If you grow plants that need support, a net trellis comes in handy. It is a nice-to-have feature, but most tents may not offer it.

LED Grow Lights:

You can buy a lamp separately, but if you go for a complete grow tent kit, the manufacturer will offer you one. When choosing the best light, consider one that is energy-efficient and produces full-spectrum light.

Grow tent – FAQs

How do you cool a grow tent?

You can cool a tent by circulating air in and out of the tent. Ventilation can be through vent ports or fans, or windows and doors. You also need to ensure the tent is cool by using LED lights that do not emit heat. You can use these lights at night when the temperature is low. If the tent is really hot, you can install a swamp cooler or air conditioner into the tent or put the tent in your basement.

Which is the best reflective material for a grow tent?

Mylar is an outstanding reflective material for a grow room. The material reflects back 97 percent of the light that hits its surface. It is a cheap option, which is why several tent manufacturers prefer it. However, the material is not lightproof.

How many plants grow in a grow tent?

The size of the tent will determine how many plants it can accommodate. If you go for large plants, the tent will only accommodate a few, but if you go for small plants, the tent can accommodate several. A 2×2 tent can grow two mother plants. A 2×4 tent can take up to four plants and so is a 3×3 tent. A 4×4 tent can accommodate up to six plants while a 5×5 tent accommodates up to 10 plants. If you have a spare bedroom or a garage, you can go for even bigger tents and grow more plants.

What is the best time to water plants when growing in a grow tent?

When growing indoors, you control the factors of growth. Instead of water in the morning, water the plants when you switch on the lights. This ensures that the plants have enough water to take them through the intensive part of their growth.

How do you clean a grow tent?

You need to clean a grow tent before you start using it. This ensures that you kill any pathogens that would be on the fabric. Use bleach and water solution and spray it on the fabric and other parts of the tent. Clean the tent after assembly before hanging any accessories. You also need to clean it after every grows and removes the residual organic matter that may be contaminated.

How do you warm a grow tent?

Extreme cold will affect the growth of your plants. You can ensure the grow tent is warm by hanging more lights, placing it in a rug instead of the cold floor, and wrapping it with building insulation. If the tent is still cold, you should install a heater. You also need to observe the intake so that the air in the tent circulates with indoor and not outdoor air. Having a thermostat or a way to track tent temperature will help you track temperature.

What humidity is best for grow tent?

Your plants will grow and survive in humidity between 3 and 55 percent. However, if you want optimum yield from the plants, you need to grow them in between 40 and 45 percent humidity. If the grow tent doesn’t come with a hygrometer, you need to buy one separately to track humidity.

What kind of lighting system is best inside a grow tent?

You need lights that emit UV light in high intensity. These lights are known as high-intensity discharge lights. They include metal halides and high-pressure sodium lights. However, LEDs and fluorescents are more energy-efficient, and this is why most gardeners use them.

Easy Hydroponic Grow Tent Setup

People who are not that familiar with differences between a box and a hydroponic grow tent setup can do some research on the web and can come up with details that can prove to be more than helpful. Doing the research thoroughly can help the individual to become an expert and to know the major differences that exist between the two unique and popular growing enclosures. There are several benefits to be derived on purchasing a grow box and hydroponics over grow tent. The process can easy once you have the basic knowledge of where to start.

What Is Hydroponic Grow Tent Setup All About?

Grow tents are regarded to be an easy and inexpensive way to manufacture and could be sold for more profits than its cost of production. It is for this reason, most manufacturers have been trying to come up with variety of best hydroponics grow tent setup.

It is generally a plastic material, which is said to be stretched around set of polls, similar to how the individual would like to setup a camping tent. An easy hydroponic grow tent setup is likely to be white on its inside for reflecting light, while having black on its outside for absorbing light.

The tent often would have a big zipper present at the door, from where the user can get access to the plants kept within the hydroponic enclosure. On purchasing a hydroponic grow tent the individual would get a shell. It does not come with any essential equipment. They are easy to put together and hence require minimal effort.

However, there is a need for the person to buy separate hardware, besides the hydroponics grow tent setup so that it becomes possible to have fully functional garden.

More About The Easy Hydroponic Grow Tent Setup

The individual needs to understand that the hydroponic grow tent is a simple shell and there is a need to get all hydroponic systems as well as lighting, fans, carbon scrubbers, timers, and other equipments, which would be required for making the tent to be fully functional.

With the grow tent, the individual is responsible to create or install the hydroponics system. Also, he would be responsible for odor reduction and to provide proper ventilation.

All the wiring is to be done correctly and to have the timers to be set according to the light schedules. There is also a need for keeping the temperatures down. An expert however, would be required at this point of time, to know as to how hydroponic grow tent setup is done properly, as the other equipments are to be assembled and to make it work correctly.

However, the grow tent is considered not to be much of a good option, especially for a novice grower. Rather, the tent is regarded to be something of an advanced developing system.


There are so many grow tents. You can go for a complete grow kit, or you can opt for a simple tent. When shopping, start by deciding your gardening goals. These goals will help you choose which tent best fits your needs. When you set goals, you know the kind of plants you want in your home, the number of plants, and what features will matter most to you.

You then need to set your budget and measure the space you have for the tent. Regardless of the plants, you wish to grow, a grow tent comes in handy at all times. These tents are easy to assemble, and they make your gardening easy. Pick the one that meets your needs up there.

On the contrary, the hydroponics grow box is available in assembled form and can be used readily once it is availed. The grow tent arrives in UPS box and needs assembly. However, hydroponics grow box tends to arrive on a pallet, which is assembled completely and is ready to be used.

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