Freshwater Lobster Aquaponics Farming for Beginners

Freshwater lobster can be marketed either as shrimp consumption as well as aquarium decoration. That is why the prospect of lobster is much more open than other shrimp commodities. This is why freshwater lobster can be excellent because it can be developed in a pool of water in a short period of time.

Freshwater lobster usually can survive on water parameters wide enough. Freshwater lobster can also tolerant a low amount of dissolved oxygen. In addition, freshwater lobsters are quite tolerant of extremely cold and hot temperatures.

Helpful Freshwater Lobster Aquaponics Farmings Tips

As for the level of water acidity, freshwater lobster can live in waters that are slightly alkaline and the pH ranges between 7-9. Freshwater lobster is rarely found living in waters with a pH below 7. The lime content required for freshwater lobster to live is moderate to high. These conditions need to be maintained to support the establishment of freshwater lobster shells.

When feeding the lobster; this is done two times a day, once during the morning and then again in the afternoon. The food should be given in the form of granular pellets (which can be immersed in water) and/or natural foods such as nuts, tubers and other vegetables that should be cooked beforehand to help facilitate the lobster with digestion. The amount of food should be adjusted based on the number of existing lobsters. Try not to leave an excessive amount of food in the aquarium, because it will affect the quality of the water and oxygen levels.

Oxygen dissolved in water is also another important factor in maintaining all types of aquatic animals, including lobster. In the cultivation of lobster, water quality should always be maintained. This is to keep the lobster from getting a variety of diseases and to maintain their appetites. The molting process (or change of skin/shell) occurs due to the growing body of the lobster. At the time of the lobster’s molting process, it will produce a fishy scent that invites another lobster to eat it. Therefore, to minimize the occurrence of cannibalism, you must consider the population density. And you must have sufficient shelter or hiding places for them to escape.

You can still hatch the eggs in the aquarium with the female around, but take care to move the male elsewhere. A standard hatching container the size of a standard aquarium should be sufficient. Eight to fifteen days after hatching, the juvenile lobsters will already have a shape similar to that of its parent. Therefore, it is time to move them into a separate pool than the adults.

And that summarizes the types of things that you will need to consider when starting to farm freshwater lobster.

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