Helpful Tips In Choosing The Best Solar Powered Aquaponics Pump

While the original purchase of a Solar Powered Aquaponics Pump may be a pricey investment, experts claim that the longevity of the lifespan and amount of money put into maintenance will pay off in the long run and provide a healthy environment for your fish to thrive. Researching different types, prices and brands can be overwhelming, so be sure to consider these few tips when choosing the best one for what you desire:

Finding The Best Solar Powered Aquaponics Pump for You!

First off, don’t be afraid to spend money. Name brands are the way to go. Preparing yourself for spending money on something to keep a healthy circulation every two hours of all the water in your aquaponic system is definitely something to consider. It is important to sit down and do the math to ensure that the pump you purchase will, at an absolute minimum, rotate through half of the water in your system every hour.

Second, if you are purchasing a solar powered pump, it is assumed that you are concerned about the energy efficiency. Every pump that is manufactured varies slightly on the amount of energy that is expelled and is completely dependent on the heat that it produces. Surprisingly, it can be difficult to get a correct wattage rating when purchasing the pump.

In order to find out the most accurate power consumption you can purchase a device that will measure this for you. These devices, digital mulitmeters, can be purchased through most local home repair stores. After assessing the resulting number, multiply by 24 and that will be the daily power usage. Obviously, the lower the number, the less energy that is being used.

There are a few other details to consider when purchasing a pump in order to save electricity and eventually money. It is important to remember that using a system with a timer will obviously use less electric than using a system that is constantly being run. Also, remember that the more water that is present in the tank, the more electricity that is going to be needed.

You may also want to consider whether or not the pump comes with a warranty (or if it can be purchased separately) and whether or not the pump is safe for fish food. It also cannot hurt to read online reviews of the pump that you are planning on purchasing from people who have bought and used the pump previously, as experience is the best advice.

In the end, the purchase of your solar powered aquaponics pump is to ensure that your fish have a healthy and cost effective environment to grow and live. Investing in a well researched, quality pump will avoid electrical tragedies with your fish and keep the fun around longer for your family to enjoy.

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