How to Grow Hydroponic Plants at Home

There are few points on how to grow hydroponic plants like a pro. Outdoor gardening has become a much loved hobby amongst the young and old. It is a great way of cultivating fresh vegetables and fruits all year round. If you know how to grow plants hydroponically, you will have the wit to grow plenty of edible herbs and plants in a very small land area.

Technically, the best hydroponic kits don’t require any soil or fertilizers. Instead, the plants are cultivated in well-nourished clay pellets and dipped in liquids with essential nutrients. The roots of hydroponic plants must be held tightly.

Conversely, it is quite interesting to note that you can grow several dozens of plants in a small window. So, how to grow hydroponic plants at home? Are you a novice hydroponics enthusiast with some extra time, money and space? If yes, the next few lines will definitely lend you a hand of help.

Stage #1 – Choose to Grow Hydroponic Plants for The Right Environment

First of all, you must decide on what you wish to grow. Hydroponic plants grow in controlled environments. If the ambience doesn’t suit the plant’s requirements, it will not produce an optimal yield. Thus, think twice and focus on many parameters, when you are ought to decide on a plant.

Stage #2 – Choose How Many Plants You Wish to Cultivate

Secondly, you must decide on how many plants you wish to cultivate. The number will depend on the land area and its facilities! A small hydroponic system with 3ft x 5ft dimensions can hold up to 15 plants and herbs. As the overall land area increases, you can grow more plants.

Stage #3 – Estimate the total land area

Now, you should estimate the total land area required to grow the chosen plant varieties. For instance, 60 cabbage plants can be cultivated flawlessly in five 4-inch pipes that are 10 cm long and 2 metres wide. The entire unit will sum up to a 6metres square.

Stage #4 – Arranging the Hydroponic Structure

In this structure, you should mark 4-inch holes evenly. Pots must be placed on these holes. The holes should be spread apart carefully. This is because during hot and cold climates, the pipes would expand and contract respectively. Additionally, the pots must be shaded using white clothes during warm climates.

Stage #5 – Preparing hydroponic fertilizer solutions

Next, you should put together hydroponic fertilizer solutions. The solution has to be maintained at a pH between 5.5 to 6.5. Similarly, the hydroponic solution should have water gel crystals with an average strength of 20 CF! These are optimal conditions that will increase your yield by prudent amounts.

Stage #6 – Planting seedlings and self raised plants!

Consequently, its time to plant the seedlings or self raised plants! The seedlings should be planted carefully without any traces of soil. The well cleaned seedlings should be placed inside the hydroponic growing medium.

The medium could be made of NFT channels, clay balls, marbles or gravels. In spite of what the growing medium is, you should channel water and air properly. While adding water, nutrients must be transferred into the hydroponic system. Finally, wait for an amazing harvest all year round.

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